New Babylon

11:10 AM, Apr 03, 2010 by eli

Discovered on boiteaoutils:

The labyrinth as a dynamic conception of space, as opposed to static perspective. But also, and above all, the labyrinth as a structure for mental organization and creative method, wanderings and errors, passes and impasses, luminous breakaways and tragic seclusion, in the generalized mobility of the times (more apparent than real), the grand dialectic of open and closed, of solitude and communion

— Jean-Clarence Lambert, Situationists. Art, politics, urbanism. (Actar 1996)

Here we explore some superb and personal perspectives by Constant, envisioning a sprawling, dynamic megastructure.

More images from the collective art books are available on the original post.



In this above image, one can almost imagine how life is conducted in such an environment.


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