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The Megastructure today is simply any "large" or "tall" building.

However, as mankind builds larger and bigger, as the world undergoes its continuing urbanization, megastructures will become incredibly big. We will begin to see skyscrapers that are no longer simply "tall", but also cover vast areas. Humans will live in gigantic city-buildings.

This is not a new idea - architects and designers, not to mention science-fiction writers, have been talking about it for years. is here to fill the gap between today's skyscrapers and tomorrow's planet-sized city, where the term "outside" no longer exists. We invite all of you to post your dreams and visions of this architectural eventuality.

  • What will it be like to live in the future megastructure?
  • What are the sights, the sounds?
  • Who lives there?
  • What strange adventures are to be found in the depths of an endless building?
  • What is it like to be lost in the megastructure?

We want you to feel at home in the megastructure. Post links to megastructure resources, sites of interest, photos of places that remind you of our possible future. Use your imagination!

It's easy to get started on! If you haven't already, simply sign up. Afterwards, you can submit a new post for review or create a new sequence, which is a collection of posts that you can organize by subject.

Any questions, comments, ideas, or problems? Just drop a line to

Please enjoy your stay.

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