Catriel Efrony - urban megascapes?

12:50 PM, Jan 02, 2008 by eli

Efroni is an Israeli artist, who lives and works in the artist’s community in Tzfat. A coworker of mine has some of his paintings replicated on her cubicle, which is how I learned about him.


Here is the strongest “megastructure” feel. It’s an abstract piece, but I interpret it very literally.


This circular aperture looks like something I would come across while wandering the megastructure.


This is less urban and more like a countryside overlooking the city. Not a very Megastructure piece.


This is the man himself.

You can read about him and see a larger gallery at here


ionreflex said @ 03:32 AM, Jan 08, 2008:

a little too much color, but inspiring nevertheless…

shoosty said @ 06:10 PM, Oct 15, 2011:

Congratulations on your cubicle roomate. Catriel Efrony is one of my favorites. I visited Sfadt with my family, sent them all back to the USA so I can stay in Sfadt a few days. It’s a place that is visually magical. During my stay I met Catriel and he allowed me to put my painting on his easel as he looked and yelled at me to …open up… be free. I will never forget his lesson.

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